#WakeUpWednesday: Why we produce our weekly guides series

Back in April 2018, we launched our #WakeUpWednesday campaign across Facebook and Twitter to provide one free online safety guide each week to schools, parents, children, carers and trusted adults across the United Kingdom.

The guides were produced after we identified there was a lack of high-quality education resources to support schools in upskilling trusted adults and children in online safety; especially in the identification of dangers in relation to specific apps and games. We also noticed there was (and still is) a huge gap in knowledge between children and their trusted adults in relation to the online world.

To support this notion, we carried out a survey amongst over 473 school leaders and teachers and found that:

77% of school staff members believe that their children know more than they do about online apps and games – therefore didn’t have the adequate knowledge to teach it (in our opinion).

The above survey was carried out amongst primary schools; emphasising the extent of the issue at such a young age. We also found that:

80% of schools surveyed find it difficult to engage parents in online safety.

We found that the majority of free online safety information that was readily available to schools and their communities lacked in quality, consistency and engaging design/delivery.

Since then, through our #WakeUpWednesday initiative, we have been committed to producing a new guide every single week, ensuring that schools and parents stay up-to-date with latest developments in the online world.

We aim to equip each and every trusted adult with the crucial information they need to keep children safe online and to raise awareness of the associated issues that could arise from online activities for children.

We focus our guides on social media applications, online games, and general online safety guides. We also include free impactful classroom resources to support teaching staff who might be struggling to deliver the topic in an informative and engaging way.

We partner with industry experts to produce guides which tackle the latest innovations in an ever-evolving digital and online world.

One of the world’s current crazes, TikTok has become something of a talking point across social media in terms of its popularity, but with a large proportion of its users being young people, there are certain risks attached. Our guide gained significant traction when released and was subsequently shared by the Manchester Evening News

Recently, as part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we produced a resource which provided 10 conversation starters for parents around the subject of children’s mental health and how conversation can be encouraged in relation to it.

Across social media, our resources have been shared by some of the most high-profile organisations in the world, including the FBI and the Metropolitan Police. They’ve also been liked and shared by some of the most influential voices in online safety and parent blogging.

Our guides are designed to be integrated with classroom teaching. They can be downloaded, printed in any size and stuck up in classrooms, hallways or even at home.

Every guide follows a similar template and is beautifully created in rich, bold colours designed to engage and absorb the learner. The format remains largely consistent with helpful advice and tips for trusted adults in how they can help make their child’s online experience a safer one.

We release one new guide every Wednesday via email to all schools we have partnered with as well as posting the guide on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Every new guide gets added to our website page where schools, parents and carers or indeed anybody who signs up, can download the guide themselves for their own use.

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